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* [Pic 01] Dinorwic Slate Quarry - Llanberis - A3 Incline (1982) *

[Pic 01] Dinorwic Slate Quarry - A3 Incline (1982)

Dinorwic is a gold mine of relics from its working days and the lower four A series of inclines (complete with connecting tramways) are still relatively intact even today. The pic above shows the upper section of A3 (in 1982) with its rails and rollers still in situ. Note the slate wall protecting the incline from the huge waste tip above and the good condition of the drum house.
* [Pic 02] Cwm Machno Slate Quarry - Upper Incline (2013) *

[Pic 02] Cwm Machno Slate Quarry (2013)

Located amongst the highest levels of Cwm Macno is this simple example of a basic drum set into the hillside (above the crimp) with minimal structure around it - No shelter from the wild weather for the poor operator! Just visible, close to the inclines base at the level below, is a fine overbridge where it crossed a tramway route - The timbers for which can just be seen.
* [Pic 03] Hafod y Llan Slate Quarry - Snowdon (1989) *

[Pic 03] Hafod y Llan Slate Quarry (2015)

The Hafod y Llan tramway ran from the quarry, itself located high up on the south flanks of Snowdon, to the valley floor at Pont Bethenia and incorporated several impressive inclines. Pic 3 shows the course of the upper incline from where it once crossed over the Watkin Path (by means of an overbridge) to the precipitous summit high above. The later course of the path (right) breaks through the abandoned incline to avoid the dogleg of the bridge.
* [Pic 04] Aberllefenni - Ceunant Ddu Slate Quarry (2013) *

[Pic 04] Aberllefenni Slate Quarries (2013)

This fine example of a water balance incline (built to uphaul waste for tipping as well as lowering product) is located on level 6 of the Ceunant Ddu site and shows the water tank complete with its carrier underneath. Note the many repairs needed over time to hold it together!
* [Pic 05] Cwmorthin Slate Quarry (1982) *

[Pic 05] Cwmorthin Slate Quarry (1982)

Looking up the Lake Incline, with the Afon Cwmorthin in full flow beside it. Originally built as part of the Conglog Tramway, this short (and quite shallow) incline later became adopted into Cwmorthins system as the main route for all product coming out of the Lake level and Mill. Just off camera, bottom left, was a wooden bridge that carried the incline over the river. This was replaced (early 90s) by a more modern bridge to take the diverted footpath - but this too has now gone following yet another diversion. Also, the two walls of the drumhouse are still standing in this photo - but they have now virtually disappeared.
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